Interact with your team on our remote platform
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What is inlucity?
inlucity – the next-generation system created to assist in fulfilling all your remote activities. It is a ready-to-use product in continuous development to meet a wide demand of learning and working tools. Primarily targeted for businesses and educational institutions it brings an intuitive user-friendly functionality, rich customisation and efficiency in every step of the way.

We believe communication is the key to success therefore we encourage access to the ever-growing software solution by taking custom requests from our clientele and interested communities. While working based on the SaaP production and delivery model, our goal is to introduce new features and content weekly that meet the needs of tomorrow.
Create and use your own virtual world
Collaborate in real-time in a shared virtual space seamlessly from any device of your choice
Multi-channel voice chat
Speak up in front of an audience on a stage or have a private 1-1 meeting chat
Realistic visuals
Focus on the virtual content that is architecturally and visually accurate digital representation
Interactive Objects
Interact with interactive 3D-models and use them for demonstration
Cross Platform
Adaptable to use with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Desktop (Windows)
Intuitive User Interface
Intuitive and easy to use interface
What can I use this for?
Meet. Learn. Explore. Entertain.
Take advantage of greater information retention and encourage individual learning reaching students with the means of their own generation
Bring drawings and designs to real-time experiences by allowing your clients a unique and immersive approach to presentation
Save time and costs for employee onboarding with automatic virtual training programs while reducing errors and increasing aviation safety
Oil and Gas
Train and onboard employees or discuss and operate projects in a shared safe environment without the cost of travel
Organise entertaining experiences in a vast and diverse virtual online metaverse
Art and Culture
Recreate, explore and present a 1:1 digital version of cultural points of interest – from long gone ancient monuments to still existing galleries and art pieces
Want to know more?
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We do not collect any personal information unless the User provides it on a voluntary basis. You may provide your personal data by filling out the demo request form. The data You provide will be used only for the purpose stated at the time of collection and will not be transferred or sold to any non-affiliated third party.
Our Company
inlusion Inc. is an international VR, AR, MR software development company, operating in North America and Europe. Having sales & marketing offices located in Luxembourg and Chicago, and development teams in Vilnius and Kiev, we offer proprietary content development solutions.

We have over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and 34 full-time developers, offering innovative XR solutions that provide unique value to enterprises.

Our expertise is in creation of industrial training simulators. We are recognized experts in the XR industry worldwide, standing out from our peers with a unique business model that allows great scalability alongside attractive prices for a wide array of customised projects.

Contact us

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USA office
inlusion inc.
425 Huehl rd Northbrook
IL 60062, USA
+1 847 778 4647
e-mail :
Germany/Austria office
Gerbermühlstraße 9
D-60594 Frankfurt, Germany
+49 179 111 6464

e-mail :
Benelux/France office
Rue Dierwies,
Echternach, Luxembourg
+352 671 281 993
e-mail :
Production office
UAB inlusion Netforms
Perkunkiemio 7
LT-12131 Vilnius Lithuania
+370 619 52602
e-mail :
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